About us

In 2020 they decided to put their heads together draw of experience and develop Cognitive behavioural therapy for the diet trap, an eight week group program that will be launched in 2021.

Sarah and Tanya met in 2016 whilst on a Mental health nurse related training whilst working for the NHS. They immediately hit it off and exchanged contact details, and from this moment their friendship blossomed.

In 2017 they both completed a Postgraduate diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at Staffordshire University. At the end of the course they flew to Philadelphia and completed CBT for weight loss and maintenance at the prestigious Beck Institute.

Since this time they’ve both worked in the NHS and private practice. It became evident to both of them how many people struggled to make lasting changes to their lifestyle, eating habits and diet. Sarah and Tanya have worked with many individuals using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and other psychological approaches to make lasting lifestyle changes, the feedback has been fantastic.


About Tanya

Hi, I’m Tanya thank you for reading the about us section. During my late teens and early 20s, my thoughts were consumed with food. I was preoccupied with what and when I was going to eat, weight and exercise. I would flit from being very strict and having unhelpful rules around food, and bingeing and thinking sod it. I will start again on Monday. Monday would come, and I would end up restricting calories (by too much) becoming hungry, purging, and so the cycle continued. Fifteen years later and I’m content with my body. It came from being less restrictive, more self-compassionate, not seeing food as ‘bad’ and ‘good’ and several other things that I am looking forward to sharing with more and more people through CBT for the diet trap. I love food, finding new recipes and researching how best to fuel my body. However, I do have a sweet tooth!

I am a qualified personal trainer and sports massage therapist (I’m not super fit or obsessed with exercise, I have been there and that is not me anymore). I exercise doing the things that I enjoy. Hobbies wise: music is a large part of my life, gigs, festivals (yes to 2021), finding new artists and attempting to DJ (it became a lockdown hobby).

I am proud to have served in the British Army and worked in the NHS. As well as working with Sarah on CBT for the Diet Trap, I also work as a psychotherapist in private practice (Severn Wellness) and I work with an Occupational mental health service. I am also a Mental Health First Aid England trainer.


About Sarah

Hello, I am Sarah, I am a psychological therapist/mental health nurse, and I have a passion for helping people to overcome their struggles and achieve their goals. I have always had an interest in health and wellbeing, so after completing my CBT training, I knew that I wanted to complete further training, specifically focusing on weight loss and maintenance. I had previously studied nutritional therapy and enjoyed learning how to use food for medicinal purposes, helping clients overcome problems such as insomnia and skin conditions by making small changes to their diets. However, many clients I have worked with over the years report having had difficulty maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which would often impact their mental health. I have since discovered that this is a prevalent problem for many people. Although there are lots of fad diets/exercise regimes everywhere you look nowadays, none of them seem to address the psychological aspects involved. Therefore any progress made is unlikely to be long lasting.


I have had personal experience of falling into the diet trap and not being happy with the way I look. Over the years, I have tried many different diets, including some mainstream diets that if I am honest, did work and help me lose some weight, however, after a period of time, I would go off track or get bored and move onto a new diet.


It's taken a while, but I am now content with my body and my lifestyle. I choose to live a vegan lifestyle as this works best for me, and since becoming vegan, I probably eat more variety of foods and flavours. I tend to eat intuitively and do not follow any rigid meal plans. I walk for exercise because I enjoy it not because I feel as though I should. I am a proud new momma to my lovely little boy who also keeps me very active- day and night!