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Increasing awareness workshop

Coming Soon!

In this two hour workshop we cover 

  • Why do diets fail?

  • Evolution of eating

  • CBT 5 areas: identifying thoughts, feelings, behaviour

  • Identifying trigger situations when emotional eating is likely to happen 

  • Sabotaging thoughts

  • Thinking styles 

  • Thought distancing 

  • Mindful eating

The course will be delivered by Cognitive Behavioural Therapists and Registered Mental Health Nurses, Sarah France and Tanya Sammut

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Frequently asked questions

How do I book onto the workshop?

Eventrbrite Ticket Tailor Facebook events Send a message via the contact form

I would like to access to sign up for the self directed course, how do I do this?

This course is being developed, please get in touch to subscribe to our newsletter and express your interest. As soon as it is ready the wesbite will be updated and those who have expressed interest or subscribed to our newsletter will be notified.

What is the date and time of the next workshop?

1000hrs - 1200hrs Saturday 19th June 2021
In some cases, workplaces or groups of friends may wish to have a closed workshop. This can be arranged for up to 10 people, please get in touch for a quote and to discuss days and times.