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Self-Directed Course

CBT for the Diet Trap Self-Directed Course

Learn how to break free from the diet trap by gaining the tools and awareness through our self-directed course.
Feel empowered and liberated to make healthy and meaningful choices, enabling you to have the lifestyle you desire.


Self- Directed Course will cover the following:

  • The science behind losing weight/ maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the common barriers we often face.

  • Identifying our unhelpful thinking habits and learning to spot these early.      

  • Understanding how our thought processes play a big role in motivating us and maintaining the changes we have made.

  •  Living a healthy life, even when its hard.

  •  Using our values to build healthy meaningful habits.

  •  Mindfulness, learning skills to help you live more mindfully

  • Self-compassion- how being more compassionate to ourselves can be helpful in the long term. 

Self- Directed Course Coming soon!


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