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Self-Directed Course

CBT for the Diet Trap Self-Directed Course

Learn how to break free from the diet trap by gaining the tools and awareness through our self-directed course.
Feel empowered and liberated to make healthy and meaningful choices, enabling you to have the lifestyle you desire.


Self- Directed Course will cover the following:

  • The science behind losing weight/ maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the common barriers we often face.

  • Identifying our unhelpful thinking habits and learning to spot these early.      

  • Understanding how our thought processes play a big role in motivating us and maintaining the changes we have made.

  •  Living a healthy life, even when its hard.

  •  Using our values to build healthy meaningful habits.

  •  Mindfulness, learning skills to help you live more mindfully

  • Self-compassion- how being more compassionate to ourselves can be helpful in the long term. 

Self- Directed Course Coming soon!


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Frequently asked questions

How do I book onto a course and how much does it cost?

Send a message via the contact form, you will be sent some questions to ensure the course is suitable, for example that you have no known eating disorders. Following completion and return of this you will be sent a secure payment link.

Each 6 weeks course costs £250.00

What does a weekly check in mean?

This means that once per week you will have contact with Sarah or Tanya inbetween the group sessions, this has be shown to help people stay on track inbetween the sessions.

I get nervous in groups, is this course suitable for me?

Yes! We know that being in a group can be anxiety provoking and that is why we keep the group numbers small. We will be breaking into smaller groups during many of the sessions. We aim to create a kind, supportive and compassionate environment. If you do not wish to speak up within the group then please let us know. This course can also be fantastic for confidence due to social anxiety as over the weeks it is likely that you will feel more and more comfortable to speak up. As humans we have a tendency to avoid things that makes us anxious, this often leads to lower confidence in ourselves. End that cycle today!

How do I access the course once I sign up?

You will be contacted prior to the course and given a link. If you are not familar with Zoom we can help you with that.

I would like to access to sign up for the self directed course, how do I do this?

This course is being developed, please get in touch to subscribe to our newsletter and express your interest. As soon as it is ready the wesbite will be updated and those who have expressed interest or subscribed to our newsletter will be notified.

What is the date and time of the next course?

1815hrs- 1930hrs Tuesday 23rd Febuary - Tuesday 13th April
In some cases, workplaces or groups of friends may wish to have a closed course. This can be arranged for up to 10 people, please get in touch for a quote and to discuss days and times.